Friday, June 22, 2012

5 Things I'm Digging

I’ve seen a lot of Bloggers recently post 5 things they are digging, or thankful for.  Here’s a list of the things I’m diggin’ lately: 

I know I’m realllllly late to the party(like…7 years late), but I am ADDICTED to this show! Mike and I started watching this on Netflix two weeks ago and each night we watch an episode or two before sleepy-time. Daaaang.  What a brilliant show. I am typically not into shows like this, so I was shocked that I got sucked in, but now I definitely see what all the hype is about! I love all of the characters so much, and I can really see how they are developing.  Honestly, I loathed Jin for the first few episodes(like when he yelled at Sun for wearing a bathing suit?! Shut up, yo), but now I absolutely love them together. And also, could Sawyer be anymore dreamy?! Yum.

My dog

Yep. You knew she’d have to make this list. How could I resist her cute little face?? A coworker just lost her dog, and got the phone call today saying they found her and that she was dead when they found her. So.freaking.sad. This lady was sobbing her eyes out, and left immediately, and it just reminded me how much we sometimes take our loved ones(whether they are pets or “real” family members—but as far as I am concerned, pets are part of the family) for granted.  So yes, as big of a pain in the butt Sophers is, I heart her to pieces, and all of her annoying habits(ya know, like barking every time I take a shower, or dragging the T.P. roll through the house, etc.) are worth it.

  McDonald’s Chocolate dipped cone

If you’re craving a sweet treat, you should hit up your nearest Mickey D’s and try this baby.  It’s only 7 Points Plus, which really isn’t bad for a splurge treat on the weekend, especially with how hot its been!  I tried one last weekend, and boy did it ever hit the spot! I kind of can’t wait for this weekend to treat myself to another one. ;)
   The pool

I got some much needed Vitamin D last weekend, and it feels good to finally have some color on this Casper skin of mine.  I got a little burnt, but it was worth it.  Am I the only person that no matter what I do, my legs still stay Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost white?!?! #Frustrating

(Please excuse the dirty mirror!Eek!)

Maybe it’s because it’s been as hot as the 7th circle of Hell all week, but I am lovin’ the summer dresses lately.  I’ve worn a dress every single day this week!  I also may have went a little crazy at Target last weekend and possibly bought 4 dresses + one green skirt; I will neither confirm nor deny that fact though.

What are you diggin’ this week?


  1. i'm totally digging dresses this year, too! did target have good ones?? i need to go!

    glad you've joined the lost party! i think i may need to re-watch it, you are making me jealous! plus i can't remember a lot of stuff lol.

  2. Target had A MILLION dresses, girl! go get some this weekend before they have none, lol. That ALWAYS happens to me- one week they have a million awesome things and the next NADA. Wth?!

    And yes, please re-watch it so that we can discuss!!!