Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Funday: Batch Cooking & Meals for the week

Phew. Where did this weekend go to?!  I feel like I need an additional day added onto the weekend, in order to feel ready to take on the week ahead.

After spending a few hours in Mike's parent's pool this morning/afternoon, I decided to get my grocery shopping done and out of the way.  Once I was done with that, I decided to start cookin' for the week! This week is going to be chaotic with work, so my meals are really quick and easy ones.  I will not be spending a lot of time cooking in the kitchen this week since I will be working long, late hours.

This afternoon I batch cooked breakfast and lunch for the week!  For breakfasts, I so made another batch of the spinach and mozzarella egg bake that I just posted about.  Seriously looking forward to munchin' on that for breakfasts this week! For lunches, I made black bean wraps.  I took a whole wheat tortilla, some canned refried black beans, a little cumin, and some reduced fat cheddar cheese.  I spread the beans/seasoning on the tortilla, tossed some cheddar on there, rolled 'em up, and place on a cookie sheet for 10 minutes in the oven.  I hope they taste delish! I saw that Laura made something similar for dinner last week, and had to try my own concoction out!  The wraps come out just 6 points, and should be pretty filling with all that fiber! Woot

My quick dinners for the week look like this:


Whole Wheat spaghetti with olive oil, fresh garlic, and crushed red pepper flakes


French Bread Pizzas w/ frozen steamed veggies


Whatever my aunt cooks

Grilled Cheese on Jalapeno Cheddar french bread(this stuff is seriously amazing. If you have a Jewel Osco near you, do your tummy a favor and go get some from their bakery!)


Depending how late I stay at work, I may or may not be grabbing dinner with some friends, but if I can't get out of the office on time, I will be grilling up some hot dogs + Alexia frozen fries 

So there you have it as far as my nomming goes for the rest of the week!

What are you planning on making for meals for the week?


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