Monday, July 9, 2012

When you drop a dish on the floor, do you go back and drop the rest of your dish set?

Today was my first day back to WW meetings in well over a month or two.  I had been weighing in at a center, but loathed the At-Work Leader we were given, so refused to go to her meetings, and I never made time to go to a center to stay at a meeting.  It is SO convenient to have At-Work meetings! Well, today we got a new WW Leader, who I have previously had! She is great.

Today’s topic was all about the weight loss lessons we have learned, in addition to mistakes and how to avoid these issues in the future.  This topic really struck a chord with me, as I fall into this slump every few months; sometimes it is easier to pull myself out of it than other times.

My leader, Cristi, asked us this:
**When we slip up, how can we recover, so that we don’t let days, weeks, and months go by without ever able to pull ourselves out of the slump?**

      1. TRACK IT(duh!) & then MOVE ON!  I know, what a hard concept, right?!  I have this issue of “throwing in the towel” for the whole day if I make a slip-up(say, eat pizza), causing myself to fall into the Binge Mentality.  Ya know, I already screwed up and ate pizza, so why not eat 3 no 4 cookies, 2 mini bags of chips, a banana, some Chinese, and then ice cream!  Because THAT logic makes sense… Oh, and I never track any of it because I feel so GUILTY about the choices I have made.  Then because of this guilt, I continue the vicious cycle for another day, and then another day, and then another day.  It is HARD to pull myself out of this cycle once I have started.  BUT! I am making a promise to myself(and to you), that next time I find myself fall prey to this disordered way of thinking, I will simply TRACK IT and move the hell on.

      2.  EXERCISE.  If I ate 20 points in Pizza, why not go to a ZUMBA class and burn off 8 points at least? That would be less damage done!

      3.KIND TO MYSELF.  This is the hard one.  Cristi brought up an excellent point; she said that if our best friend approached us and said, “oh man, I gained 2 pounds this week. I’m throwing in the towel because I’m worthless.”  Our response would most likely be along the lines of: “Girl! Pick yourself back up! One gain is just a tiny set back! Today is a new day!”  So, why do we all beat ourselves up? Why not take the advice we would give to our friend?  I must work on this one so that I don’t feel guilty about my slip-ups when they occur.   Cristi said to, “Wipe the crumbs off our face and MOVE on.” Amen.

And on a final note, back to the title of this post, if you drop a dish on your floor, would you go back and drop the rest of your dishware on the ground?  The answer is “NO”, unless you had a God awful day ;) We should apply this analogy to making ONE slip-up; one slip-up of food does not give me the right to slip-up for the rest of the day or week.

What lessons have you learned along the way???

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